Rants, Raves, and Reviews

After being extremely active on social media, we have just launched our blog as a place to rant, rave and review new products that makes our life easier. We are believes that all of life’s issues can be resolved with a little collaboration though our online community.

When I needed advice, I used to call my dad, but now I tend to turn to the Internet. Rather than getting advice from 1-2 people, I can get 50 opinions; or even an expert option. For example. I have an in-ground pool and I didn’t know anyone else with a pool. I wanted to learn how to backwash, open and close my pool myself. I hate paying for simple things. I have a brother who is on the short side. He is 5-5″ tall. He has a major complex about his height. I suggested that he get a sweet pair of elevator shoes from Luxury Elevator Shoes. He did and he added 4″ to his height, or devenir plus grand and height increasing shoes from Guidomaggi Shoes . He now has the added height he has always wanted. A simple fix. Mt other both made the mistake of dropping out of high school, so I suggested that  he finish. He works all of the time and the GED was not an option for him, so I suggested he consider an online option. He enrolled into an online high school diploma  at Excel College and earned an accredited high school diploma. Check EC for the cheapest online mba

We all have access to resources and advice to share, and collaborating and sharing is a great way to improve life. Need advice? Let us know and we will do our best to help. Have a great service or product you want to share, let us know about that too and we will share it with our readers.